Saturday, April 08, 2006

Since no one reads this anyway...

I feel no qualms about making just one post and seeing what happens. I was going to throw out a complete post but I don't have time. I just made plans to hang out with a friend and that cuts into my blogging time.

Anyway, I went to an amazing show last week. Half-Handed Cloud, Liz Janes, and Create(!) at High Five here in Columbus. There were so few people there, it was pretty ridiculous. Liz even took the opportunity to sing us a song on the ukelele. Her music consists of renditions of old hymns and folk songs, and she more than does a good job with them. It's different, but in a very good way. At one point the man playing the upright bass looked like he was tickling his bass. It was really funny to me. I'm pretty entertained by silly things like that.

It was really interesting to see Half-Handed Cloud, a.k.a. John Ringhofer, for the first time. He's got a lot of instruments for just one man. Well, two, actually, since Justin Vollmar joined him on drums and other various music-making machines. I'm particularly fond of his banjo and the omnichord, which I'll be honest I'd never seen before. It's a sweet little machine; I'd like to have one. Now that I have the banjo I've been longing for, I've got to have something new to covet, right?

Anyway, it was a brilliant show, although small, and very intimate. I would have liked to have stayed and spoken with everyone, but the people who came with me apparently didn't want to stay so we went on our merry way. Half-Handed Cloud is playing again in Dayton tomorrow, at Elbo's I believe (which may or may not be a good thing... I've heard nasty things about the place). I'm thinking about going. We'll see what happens.

I had no idea, but Robert Duffy from was there, too, and he posted some mp3s here.

So the rumour had it that Sufjan was going to be a daddy. I didn't believe it, but it's true... to an extent. He's the father of a new album of outtakes from the making of Illinois, and it's slated for release on July 25, over a year after the release of Illinois. Now this is rather precarious, Mr. Stevens, because you want to put out fifty albums but haven't put out a new one in a year! You're going to get mighty old doing this. I heard he might be working with Rosie Thomas (his baby's mother... tee-hee) and Denison Witmer on an album of sorts, but whether it's a states album or not I haven't heard. At this point, I don't even know if that rumour is true. We'll see, I s'pose.

Okay, well, that's all I guess. I would spend more time on this but I just don't have it. I miss posting things; it was always so much fun to me. Right now I'm working on graduation and everything -- it's in two months! -- and then maybe I'll have more free time. We'll see, but I want to come back to the blogosphere. It's not like I ever had a very big readership, but I enjoyed myself anyway, and I liked being "in the know." So yeah, no promises on a big return but enjoy the post and maybe I'll come back for another.

Peaceout, homes.


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